Cønstantine - Biography




Cønstantine is one of the most interesting metal bands arising from Finland at the moment. In the heart of Central Finland, emerges a new breed of talent and style, which shakes up the progressive-metal world and its dinosaurs. This quintets sense for melodies, inexcusably tight rhythms and pure musical power are bound to leave any fan of prog-metal desperately on their knees, wondering what hit them.

And Cønstantine doesn't only settle for the traditional progressive paths, but also mixes up modern styles of alternative rock and metal to their music, while staying true to the melodies and atmosphere of the songs itself. Together with their extremely talented and diverse vocalist Lassi Vääränen, Cønstantine is sure to catch the listeners attention, until there's no way out.

The band was founded in 2006 when Janne Korpela, Marko Möttönen and Janne Seppänen moved to Jyväskylä and started looking for a band each on their individual territory. Eventually they found each other and started writing songs and practicing four times a week.

After several bass auditions a local 16-year old brat Antti Varjanne appeared at the rehearsal place and played Iron Maiden classics "The Wicker Man" and "The Trooper" and the others were sold, apparently. The same two Iron Maiden classics were thrown at Lassi Vääränen's audition few months later and he conquered the throne of the leading man in a blink of an eye and bang. The band was complete.

Four years passed as the band released three demos and an EP when a local record company Palokka Records decided to sign Cønstantine. Palokka Records released the bands debut album Divine Design in fall 2011 but went bankrupt as the second album Resign Due was released.

In 2014 Janne Seppänen, the founding member and the rest of the band went separate ways and Jere Kortelainen joined the band.

(Source: Official website, 19.2.2015)