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Seven - Life among six - seven strings

When Petr Kolar has left Ceske Budejovice's band called Whitelight in the summer of 1995 and moved to Prague, after many auditions it became more or less obvious that his exceptional voice can't be replaced easily. However, at the end of the same year Honza Kirk Behunek realized that his further life without music wouldn't make any sense. Attracted by Milos Dodo Dolezal's suggestion, he began thinking about recording an instrumental album. It was called Blue Angels and was recorded under the name Johny Band but before the end of 1996 the name was changed to Seven. Besides Behunek there were drummer Slavek Franc and base-player Jiri Kejsar in the group.

This formation lasted practically the whole decade with one short exception when Franc took a year off before returning behind the drums again.

In 2000 band's first album called Crying World had been released and marked a great success because in a few months period over a thousand of copies were sold - which is not bad for an instrumental effort.

In 2002 a collection of ten composition's called Entice from Sea was released and was christened by the metal queen Doro Pesch herself. Since that time a strong musical and human bond between her and Honza has developed. Meanwhile the trio had traveled and played almost all over the Europe and built a continual fan's base.

Two years later the group recorded a great CD called Sevens which was embellished by a couple of numbers sung by Brona Mika (Satisfucktion) and Jiri Fojtl but above all two songs sung by Doro Pesch. This album became a much-sought-for rarity among various musical gourmands and collectors. Another piquancy is the fact that this CD was christened by the former Iron Maiden's front man Blaze Bayley. A closer co-operation between him and the band had been discussed and planned but unfortunately it was thwarted by his management.

Relations among the band members slowly deteriorated and in the February of 2006 led to departure of rhythmic section.

A massive audition partaken by many musicians was won by drummer Radim Pigl and the base-player's post was offered to Kirk's student Martin Przecek - a guitar player who proved he could play the base better than many specialists.

In June of 2007 the new formation went to the studio and recorded a new album called Lights of Souls. A half of the record is with vocals, the second half is instrumental. Originally a co-operation was promised by the phenomenal Glen Hughes (former bassist and singer for Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, etc.) but unfortunately because of his busy schedule it wasn't bound to happen. Finally the vocal parts were taken by Kamil Strihavka, Jan Touzimsky, Brona Mika and Libor Novak.

Right after the album's finishing another change in band's personnel took place: Radim was replaced behind the drums by excellent Lukas Kunes.

Because bassist Martin is a guitar player above all, sometimes he and Kirk switched their roles on stage to entertain the audience with their universality. Among other bands, in 2007 Kirk played also with Kreyson.

Finally Seven had found a stable bassist in a young Musical Academy student Petr Bidlo who managed this not so easy task with brilliancy and in about a week's time was ready to get on stage and play.

After Petr Kolar's departure the audition for new vocalist's post was taken by about 160 singers. Finally the position was filled by Jiri Komberec. Now a new material is ready and at the end of the year the band is heading to the studio to record about 13 tracks with vocals and two instrumental numbers as a bonus.

Honza Kirk Behunek was asked this year for another co-operation with Doro Pesch. He offered her seventeen songs some of which will appear on her new album. He was a guest star of Doro 25 years in rock concert in Düsseldorf were Tarja, Nevermore and other bands also appeared.

At the end of 2008 They finished material on the sixth studio album, which is filmed in the studio again in Vyí Brod. Album Seven Deadly Sins theme revolves around the seven sins and is the first completely sung. Album was released in spring 2009 and met with great acclaim. In April, the band flew to the big metal festival in Moscow, where he played alongside, among other things Sinner and Primal Fear. During the year, the Czech Republic went through the length and breadth, and appeared at major summer festivals (Benátská Noc, Masters Of Rock, etc.).. Clip Lost Hero three times masterfully won the prestigious TV Rockparáda, and so appeared in the Christmas television special, Public TV. In the fall, then was replaced on bass post. Instead of Bidlo Peter has come Thomas Kuchta.

In summer 2010 two concerts were held before the German legend UDO. Fans gave very clear that the Seven were from all the best opening act. During these concerts formed a friendship with the Swedish band Manimal, with Seven which prepare future tour of Scandinavia.

In early February he joined the band's new singer Luká Písařík. He played a concert rehearsal in the popular club Most V + V and the band went straight to a major European tour with Rage. During the three weeks Seven were seven states and all reaped enthusiastic ovation. Luká never played in a metal band, and suddenly stood face to face and sixteen hundreds of fans! He owns many thanks!

It was on this tour was born a great friendship between Rage and Seven, which continues. In August, Victor Smolski toured with Seven sets of the festival Rock in Kraslice. In September, a special event endorsed by Seven Rock Guitar Session, which was similar to the Czech business world G3. A month later, broke the Czech-Slovak tour Seven & Victor Smolski, Dymytry and xXXx, where Victor has expressed a wish to produce a new album. It happened in the spring of 2011, immediately after returning from the Spanish tour with Rage, which was again very successful. The band decided not to record abroad and used the excellent technical conditions of study gap Petr Janda. During the fortnight was board that eventually got the final name of Freedom Call. The original version of No Surrender and remained assigned to the clip only limited edition DVD of the film Kajínek.

In May, the instrumental sections Seven plays before ex-Megadeth Marty Friedman, and here the band learned that the largest firm in the metal world, Nuclear Blast has confirmed the release of their seventh studio album. In June, they met again with Victor Smolski on the music fair in Hradec Kralove and began feverish preparations for the holiday release of the first Czech metal plate with a giant publisher.

At present, culminating in the preparation of the Spanish and Czech-Slovak autumn tour.

September 2011

Bohou Němec

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