Soul Takers - Biography



Soul Takers were founded in 1998 by Francesca and Federica Badalini (both professional pianists) who found in Heavy Metal a natural evolution of Classical Music.

With the arrival of the singer Dino Brentali (that will leave the band for a short period to study lyrical singing) and of the drummer Mauro De Brasi, the band begins to draw its very particular style , in which the piano is both the peculiar mark and the link between metal and their classical influences.

After that the bass player Andrea Grumelli joined the band, Soul Takers recorded their first promo-cd "Through The Silence Of Words", in 2002, at Mezzanima studios (Arcore, Milan). After the return of the astonishing former singer, Dino Brentali, the band signed for Northwind Records and recorded its first full length album, "Tides", at Luigi Stefanini?s New Sin Studio, in October 2004. "Tides" was released in the first months of 2005.

Their uncommon proposal, absolutely out of the schemes of Italian metal music, was enthusiastically welcome by the press and the public.
After a lot of gigs in the north of Italy and Tv and radio appearences, in 2006, the band signed for the well-known label Dragonheart Records. In July 2006, Soul Takers recorded their new album "Flies in a Jar" at New Sin Studios. The new album includes 11 tracks of decadent melodic metal. Its release date is scheduled for spring 2007.