Jumping Jack - Biography

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Jumping Jack is a Rock band from Nantes (France) who delivers a massive music, dark and melodic at the same time, imbued with raw energy. Existing since 2009, the band, composed by Julian on guitars and vocals, Manu on bass Chris on drums, is naturally inspired by modern and older influences, from 70's Rock to Metal.

Since April, Jumping Jack moves on with several gigs in local venues, playing along whith great bands such as Parabellum, Black Bomb A, Tagada Jones, Squealer and Vulcain, which allows them to get noticed by the local audience.

A noticeable show at Hellfest in 2011 allows the group to perform in front of an audience coming from France and Europe. In August 2009, the combo registers 6 songs in studio. That's how "Cows And Whisky", their first auto-produced EP, was born. This year, it's time for the new album ! "Trucks and Bones" is ready, and will be available on October 27th 2011 ! Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your pants tightly!