The Iniquity Descent - Biography




The Iniquity Descent was formed in late 2009 by Mikael Mannström. After having a break from songwriting for many years Mikael decided to write a couple of songs and had his childhood friend and former band mate Mathias Lillmåns to take a listen. As Mikael and Mathias have had several projects together the last ten years Mathias was immediately interested in joining as vocalist/lyricist. Later on Philip Kerbs was asked to join and took the position as second guitarist. It was decided to try to play as a fully and normally functioning band which led to the recruiting of Jonas Frilund and Kenna Nygård, long time friends and former bandmates, to handle bass and drums.

In 2010 several songs were written and 11 were recorded. The band recorded the songs at their own studio, KPB Studios. Four of these songs were mixed by the band at KRS-Music and ended up on the first EP named Trust The Serpent, released November 2010. The EP got really good reviews and resulted in a mini-tour in Russia and several gigs in Finland. This was a turning point for the band and it was decided to carry on as a full-time band, not just a side-project anymore.

Half a year later the band started to work on the next four songs of the previously recorded 11 tracks and this time they used Mathias Lillmåns' friend and bandmate Henri Sorvali to mix it. The result was An Empty Temple EP and more shows in Finland. Shortly after the release the band got a couple of offers from some record companies and in November 2011 the band signed a record deal with German record label Massacre Records.

It was time to enter KPB Studios again to record their first full-length album. This time ten songs were recorded and the band went over to Estonia and RoundSound to put the finishing touches to it. 25.5.2012 the album was released, bearing the title The Human Apheresis.