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Livsnekad - Biography





"Livsnekad is a tool for expressing our lives, expressions, feelings and events that happen or have happened during our lives. Instead of digging our own graves and circulate around these thoughts we choose to make something creative out of it and try to reflect life for what it really is. Life for us is not only empty and hollow but rather full of obstacles and challenges that needs to be conquered. Life is all about contrasts and we think that more people needs to see it in that perspective. Life is a bowl filled with a lot of different state of minds like joy, depression, love, betrayal, regret, frustration, lust and satisfaction and so on. Our purpose is to write music and lyrics that connects to all sides of life and to arouse a lot of different feelings to those who listens to our creations. We are often misheard and people often interpret our music as an attempt to producing a pathetic suicidal culture. We can all agree that life is tough sometimes, but suicide and self-mutilation is absolutely not the answer. Humans have the power and ability to use their intellect, to bounce back, find a purpose and to feel happy and satisfied about their life-situation. So remember that Livsnekad is a celebration to life... For what life is really all about... Both the upside and the downside of it. We sincerely hope that you somehow connect and recognize yourself in our music, and maybe draw a parallel to your own life-situation."

- Larsen (2011)