King Apathy - Biography


Thränenkind came to be in 2007 near Munich in the south of Germany. The band name could be translated as "child of tears" and was chosen as contrast to the "grim" and "cliché" names in black metal. The band members are fascinated by the name's ambiguity, which can be discovered within their multilayered sound.

Having released a demo (2008) and a split-CD with Heretoir, The Elk is the first full-length for the quintet. The earlier recordings had more (post) black metal and shoegaze influences, while their Lifeforce Records debut album contains touches of crust and hardcore punk. But The Elk is offering also five formidable instrumental post rock songs with a melancholic yet beautiful atmosphere, too. Some of the songs are slow and profound. Others are fast and unfold the ruthless power of (post) black metal. The Elk is a concept album telling the story of two siblings, who are on a roadtrip to their father's funeral. They are faced with meeting old friends and memories, tragedy, hope, death and a mysterious "stranger".

In 2017 the band revealed the new band name King Apathy to reflect the change of a "solo project [that] has grown into a full band" and changes in their musical style of the 2016 release that is also called King Apathy.