Explode - Biography




The Early Days
Back in 1999 , The acquaintance and relationship between Mohammad Parvizi and Soheil Zarrin Kelk was the Beginning of Explode's birth . Soheil and Mohammad Found out that they've got same musical taste and the influences that made them to start playing Guitar are the same. Both of them loved Heavy/Thrash Metal music and playing in a metal band was their only dream. So they've started to play together and first jamming sessions have began with easy Metallica and Nirvana tunes. An electric guitar and an old Nylon String Acoustic Guitar was all the equipment that they've got those days, but without any interruption or hesitation they've continued to jam and practice together.

Farhad and Explode
After a while, as their newly gained experience, Mohammad bought his first electric guitar, in addition to improvement in equipments, a new member joined the band as a Bass player, named Farhad Qara'khani. With him the trio started to practice more and jam on more complex songs, old school Thrash metal was the main influence to all of them and therefore all the songs that they were playing were in this genre. The band's name was suggested by the Farhad as well, before that they've offered other names but in the end their choice was Explode.
Working on the harder and more complex songs, playing the old school tunes from bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth and various bands in this genres increased their ability and knowledge about music, playing their instruments and theories.

"Drown", The First Original Song of The Band!
With these advances, they decided to write their original music and the result of this attempt was Explode's first song , Soheil's first original riffs with some Hard Rock theme , and some mid-tempo Verse riffs by him and a dual guitar harmony in the outro of the song were the signs of his respect to the great heavy metal band, Iron Maiden. Mohammad wrote the lyrics in English and they named the song: "Drown" For couple of months "Drown" was their only original song and they've added it to their set list , as well as other Cover songs. In each jamming they've shared their new ideas and riffs and some of them are still as demo or incomplete shape . even now they've various ideas and demo-ish songs.

Farhad's Departure, Composing new songs
Awhile after completing the first song, Farhad's taste in music changed, and he became more and more passive. and finally he announced that he wants to leave the band. Departure of him reduced the band to a duo! Without bass and drums. This line-up remained about a month, and then the new bassist "Hesam Afshar" joined the band and jamming sessions returned to normal situation. This time around Mohammad brought his new ideas to the band mates and after a while his song, named "Holy Savior" added to the play list , this song got more heavy riffs and more mellower intro. again Mohammad wrote the lyrics and named the song himself.

Whole 2003 year, The band's jamming sessions lived on and they were working on more complex Songs - Old Megadeth Albums , Death , Dream Theater, Slayer are the bands that give them the most influence , however the respect to old classic bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Metallica remained the same and they covered their songs as well too. In the last year Mohamad wrote Explode's third Original Song, more Heavy riffs, Again a Mellow intro and Persian Lyrics for the first time, a new experience in writing the songs and matching them with lyrics...the song called "Jangal e Marg" (Aka Death Jungle)

Reza Tasooji on Drums, Recording First Album Entitled "Temptation"
The close and friendly relationship between Hesam, Soheil and Mohamad was one of the reasons that gave them a hard choice to find a drummer. After jamming sessions with bunch of Drummers they've found out that none of them are capable of being a proper member for the band's taste! So finally in the Summer of 2003 Reza Tasooji joined the band and the long wait ended! He was a talented Drummer and always on his toes for the ride!
The band spent the whole 2003 on writing new materials for their long-awaited demo-tape! and after completing it with 6 Songs, they began to record in their home studio, The result was their first album called "Temptation", Released on 2005. Temptation is a EP in the style of 80s Thrash Metal music with mostly Persian lyrics. Temptation was on the web for free for a while and it got many positive reviews from Metal websites and weblogs and some harsh reviews from other parts of metal fans. As a first album It was a good experience for them.

Writing and Recordings of Second Album, Arjang Gharib on Bass
After recording and releasing Temptation, The band returned to writing new songs and jamming sessions more seriously, This time their weekly practices located on Utopia Studio, and after around a year of jamming sessions and writings the band finally felt ready for recording the second album. Recording Sessions started in November 2007. During the Recording session due to some personal problems, "Hesam Afshar" left the band and after auditioning some new bass players the band Started to work with "Arjang Gharib" as a new bass player since July 2008.