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Welcome to our family!!

Who are we? A bunch of friends linked by our passion for music, new discoveries, and life! We want to bring the world a sense of unity to rally all existing life to a message of hope and gathering. We believe that music is the way to make people from all corners of the world to join and fight for freedom and happiness, bringing them together to contribute to the success of humanity, to flourish with it, and be proud of it!!! Our music expresses no political point of view, nor do we defend any ideologies, besides our belief that the best way to achieve our goals is by working together whether those goals are personal in nature, or for the greater good.

We make music and give it all we got! Take your inspiration! It's yours!!!!

Kälter as a band started in 2006 as a tribute of the great Finnish band Children of Bodom. Back then we were called Hatecrew. Even as this time, we always played music as a way to express ourselves, so it was only logical that we soon started to write our own songs.

In 2008, we entered in studio with Steve Chiasson to record our first demo called Cold Misery. This opened up new opportunities to start playing live shows for an audience, with our own identity: Kälter. But it was not enough! We wanted and needed to get to express ourselves more! We needed our first full-length album!

So by 2009, we finished working on our first opus, Spiritual Angel, and recorded it at Badass Studios with Jef Fortin. The album was finally released in 2010; it made a huge impact, and attracted many melodic death and progressive metal fans. Years passed, we played many gigs with some pretty well-known bands like Norther, Annahilator, Unexpect, Catamenia, Napalm Death, Martyr, Kataklysm, Blackguard, Necronomicon etc... and the band matured and evolved a lot. The band wanted to achieve their maximum capacity of self-expression.

In 2011, Kälter worked tirelessly on the new upcoming release named "Ubuntu" that will finally be recorded in July and August 2012, with "The Man" Jef Fortin at Badass Studios once again. This release proves that the band has come a very long way since our early Children of Bodom jams! Every member of the band got to a point where there is a symbiosis between the musicians and fans alike.

Our fans are the most important! The band becomes greater than the sum of its parts! Ubuntu is a real work of passion. It rallies the tribe! It rallies the human race!

Kälter has really found their way. We will be continuing to rally people, give hope, power and brotherhood for ages to come!

You are the tribe, the tribute we are! Welcome to the Kälter family!

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