Darkend - Biography





Dark End was formed in 2006 by guitarist Imajes and drummer Valentz, soon joined by classically trained pianist Antarktica.

Spurred on by the positive reception of their initial live performance, the band enter the studio to record their first full length Damned Woman And A Carcass - a collection of gloomy songs inspired by Charles Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal, with drummer Valentz handling the vocal duties as well. Released in 2007 via Necromantik Records, Dark End's debut album catches media attention, stirring the interest of French label Deadsun Records to remaster and distribute it across Europe and North America. 2007 also sees the band find their perfect lead singer and lyricist, Animæ, bringing in remarkable charisma and theatrics.

After a couple of local shows sharing the stage with Marduk, Vader, Impaled Nazarene and Stormlord and co-headlining the year's edition of Metal Circus festival, the band hit the studio again to record their second opus Assassine, once more in a different line-up marked by the admission of bass player Specter and guitarist Ashes.

Released through Italian label Crash & Burn Records in early 2010, Assassine is a concept album based on the most shocking murders of the last three centuries, all involving female perpetrators. Not only does Assassine win rave acclaim from fans and media alike, but it tears the curtains of obscurity, placing Dark End into international limelight, especially after their touring Europe with Rotting Christ in May 2011 and with Samael, Melechesh and Keep Of Kalessin in September 2011.

In late 2011, founding member Imajes parts ways with the band and the vacancy is filled by guitarist Nothingness, already familiar to fans as session musician for Dark End during the Lux Mundi Tour 2011.

Meanwhile, the recording of the third album progresses and, on the mystical leap day of 2012, Grand Guignol - Book I is released as exclusive limited edition (500 copies) with the support of the Arcane Witchcraft Coven, a mysterious esoteric order captivated by the band's bleak symphonies and ritualistic stage presence.

With Grand Guignol - Book I, Dark End push the boundaries of symphonic black metal and distill a genre of their own: symphonic horror metal, seeking to strike horror into the hearts of their audience by dark and extreme harmonies, occult imagery and intense theatrical interpretation, after all, they own the "Theatre of Horrors".