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Haeres - Biography




Formed in March 2009, Hæres was created by Sryzir, Ghorn, Voldsom and Nèkkz. A concept based on the dark side of human beings. The crimes of ancient peoples, the bestial instincts, the blackness of human...

J. Gauthier joined during the summer to fill the void on drums. Following the departure of Nèkkz, the group has continued to define its style: A melodic black metal, dark and catchy. A year after the project started, the Slaotvean bassist, J-D, replaced Nèkkz and thereby completed the group.

In winter 2010, the writing of the first album was finished and they started recording. In spring 2011, Héritiers Du Sang Noir is ready and the band launched it during the summer. During the following months, the band did few shows in Quebec, Montreal and Trois-Rivieres where they promoted their first album.

After Black Metal Origines 2012 where the band did covers of Satyricon, J-D decided to quit the band.