Voices Of Destiny - Biography





At the beginning of the year 2004, Christopher Gutjahr (guitar) and Jens Hartwig (bass) from Tamm (a small town near Stuttgart, Germany) decide to finally make their dream come true and start a rock band. They manage to convince their schoolmates Lukas Palme (keyboards), Erik Seitz (drums) and Patricia Riegraf (vocals) to support their project and join the group.

By autumn 2005 the young band have given several public performances on different occasions. One of them is Kelter Rocks at Tamm, initiated and organized by Christopher. This local rock concert, presenting/featuring young newcomer bands of the Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart region has become an annual event ever since. In October 2005 the singer Patricia leaves the band. But after a two-month-search they take on Maike Holzmann as their new voice. In the following two years the group does numerous live performances, and thus has the chance to gather lots of experience on stage and develop into a well-working team. Eventually Lukas steps in as a counterpart of Maike contrasting her clear soprano by his grim shouts in the background. Driving drum beats, guitar and keyboard sounds that vary from harsh rhythms to melodic lines are enhanced by orchestral elements. It is this mixture that makes up the sound of Voices Of Destiny, and describes their successful route. The band record their first demo-CD in a professional studio in 2007. In the following year they start working on their EP Dare To Reach.

In autumn 2008 they take part in the Youngsterball Contest and proudly receive the jury-award at the finals, on 21 Dec 2008, at LKA Langhorn, Stuttgart. In summer 2009 Massacre Records take on the band and offer a worldwide CD contract. The recordings for their first album, From The Ashes, begin immediately afterwards. Its release is dated to 26 Feb 2010. A great start-up for a young group who artistically combine Epic Metal á la Edenbridge with Goth in the style of Epica and Within Temptation, adding traditional riffing and well-placed death growls.