Midnight Priest - Biography




The legend of Midnight Priest was born in 2008 on the streets, under the sign of Heavy Metal and Punk, a chaingang of outlaws, criminals and infamous bastards, risen from the grave, and ready to raise hell. They started to rock out at the local Ghost Galeon "Corsários" and made their way ever since through the desert plains of Iberia, holding the axe in one hand, chains on the other and fire in their eyes.

As time went by, women in leather came by the thousands just to hold the hand of the Priest at midnight. They asked him to join the infamous Midnight Sisters Cult while singing his obscure salms in one voice. As the baptisms took place, the legend of the Midnight Priest was born… Chains, Leather, and Lace, burning every stage, spreading terror in the night…!"

Here's the deal: there simply aren't as many traditional metal bands as there used to be, and those that exist don't get as much coverage as their more extreme brothers in arm do. At least, that's what happens in Portugal, where Midnight Priest hails from.