Asenblut - Biography





The first incarnation of the band Asenblut took place at the end of 2006. Back then Asenblut was made up of Jan (bass), Schlecki (drums) and Tetzel (vocals and guitar). Due to collegiate responsibilities, however, this formation did not last long and eventually parted after a few rehearsals.

Thus, the actual foundation of the band can be dated to October/November 2007. Having had the desire to realize themselves musically for quite some time, Dirk and Tetzel decided to look for a drummer in order to put this desire into practice. Shortly afterwards J. joined them, which allowed for target-oriented rehearsals. At the start of 2008, Phil filled the vacancy for bass guitar and, soon afterwards, Balrogh replaced drummer J.

The musical influences are manifold, not least because of Dirk, who is blessed with more than 20 years of musical experience. As he is a fan of classic Heavy and Thrash Metal, his ideas often evolve from that direction, inlcuding a proper impact of Megadeth and Slayer. In contrast, with regard to his listening habits and the style adapted by him, Tetzel rather favours Black and Pagan Metal. This combination, flavoured with a tendency to partially folk-influenced melody lines, results in a quite distinctive mixture of the extremer styles of Metal. On the drums, Balrogh provides versatile, fast, hard and driving, but sometimes also calm and atmospheric rhythms. As for the lyrics, their music is situated in the Nordic/Germanic Mythology and the fantastical. The lyrics are solely German and are sung by Tetzel. In reflexion, these different elements result in their style: German Blackened Thrash Metal.

The release of the demo in March 2008 was followed by a lot of concerts and live acts, especially in 2009. The second release, the debut album Aufbruch, came 24th September 2009 and caused furore in the Metal Underground and beyond. Full of energy and thirst for action, in combination with a proper portion of technical ability and endless joy of playing, the rather young formation, being barely 2 years old, took off to make the Metalfans' hearts leap for joy.