Oganj - Biography

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After leaving Stribog after releasing of 'U okovima vječnosti' album in spring 2010, Borna, Ana and Robert decided to continue their natural flow of creating music by creating a new project - Oganj. Very soon the other members joined in from different genres of music: Igor (Tix) and Ljubomir (Kvltivator), and then Vedran, Tibor, Nikola, Marko (Unstable Act) and Ivan. During the following year 2011, some member changes occured resulting the current line-up.
As the word 'oganj' on Croatian language means 'a man-made flame' symbolizing a vivid energy, natural light and warmth, it perfectly suited band's energy and soundscape.
Drawing inspiration from history, fantasy and ethnology (rooted in balkan folklore) and blending it with personal experiences, emotions, thoughts and ideas gives Oganj an unique sound that can hardly be described as one genre only.
The goal of Oganj's music is to create an atmospheric image, a sound sphere within which every listener can incorporate his/her own personal feel.