Centurion - Biography




Centurion was found in the middle of 1998 by Bigos (guitar) and Śliwa (drums). The band from the very beginning has played fast and brutal kind of death metal (inspired by Deranged and Angelcorpse style). After a couple of months Ostry (second guitar), Sobiech (vocals) and Ziomek (bass) joined the band. In the beginning of 2001 Centurion recorded the first demo called ...And They Will Leave Only Remains....

In the middle of 2002 the band entered DBX studio in Warsaw and recorded first LP Conquer & Rule. It contains over 25 minutes of brutal death metal and the cover of Morbid Angel's ''Day Of Suffering''. Centurion has officially signed three-record deal with Apocalypse Records.

After that Centurion toured Poland two times (in March 2003 and February 2004) with the company of well known polish death metal killers from Yattering. In March 2004 Centurion was invited to play during one of the biggest European metal festival Metalmania 2004.

In the beginning of 2005 Sobiech, Ostry and Ziomek decided to leave the band. In the next year Caesar (known from Shrapnel) and A.D. Gore (Pyorrhoea) took up their functions as vocalist and guitarist. In this form the band started to work at the second album. In May 2007 Blacha (bass) joined the band.

In October 2007 Centurion entered Progresja studio and recorded promotional stuff called Sacrilege. Those three new tracks are the most sadistic and brutal material in the career of the band and it also shows how will be the upcoming LP album look like. Sacrilege was also release as a split album with Gortal by the French Gorification Musix in 2008. In the same time Centurion and Mittloff from Apocalypse Records decided to finish the cooperation.

In 2009 band started to work at the second LP, called Serve No One. The band entered one more time Progresja studio in Warsaw, known from cooperation with such great bands as Azarath, Masachist or Lost Soul. Mix and mastering of Serve No One was finished in the beginning of 2011.

Piotr "Mittloff" Kozieradzki, a drummer of prog rock band Riverside was responsible for mixing of the material and Andy Blakk is an author of mastering. This release was also a farewell album of Śliwa who left the band due to his personal life. He was replaced by Domin, previously known from the the bands such as Devilyn and Nomad.

Throughout the whole period of activity Centurion has played a few concerts all over Poland supporting among others the bands such as Immolation, Asphyx or Vader.