Elyose - Biography




French songwriters Justine Daaé (classical vocalist) and Ghislain Henry (bass player) meet in early 2009 in Paris, France. They start working together on the writing of 6-track-EP, released at the end of the summer. Joined by a drummer and a guitarist, they create a metal band with a modern sound based on a mix of electronic, techno, dance, indus, trance and classical, to bring a defiantly fresh take on gothic-symphonic metal.

EP gets instant acclaim from reviewers and music fans around the world. After receiving radio airplay and a big amount of media attention, the band, while still very young, is invited to play and share prestigious stages in Paris such as " La Boule Noire " or " La Scène Bastille ". Elyose shows strongly draw attention and develop a solid core of loyal and passionate fans.

2010 will be devoted to the writing of new material and refining the line-up. By December, drummer Patrick Cazu joins the band and Elyose works hard over 6 month from January 2011 to finalize and play its debut album tracks. In May, Elyose performs again at " La Scène Bastille " and tours in Belgium.

In the month of July, during 5 weeks, the band records, mixes and self-produces its debut album " Théogyne " at Piste Rouge Studio in Brussels. Finally, " Théogyne " gets off the beaten track offering metal music difficult to classify, which combines classical arrangements and electronic sounds where enchanting, mischievous atmospheres and heavy incisive guitar riffs follow on from each other . The powerful and soothing feeling which results from the listening of " Théogyne " would not be complete without the presence of Justine's voice, sometimes operatic, sometimes high pitched, sometimes distilled in a shivering breath.

Very well trained and qualified musicians become beneficial to the band in order to defend " Théogyne " on stage with dignity and prepare for a promising career. The trio recruits two new guitarits, Julien Portrat (ex leader songwriter of Death/Gothic metal band Penumbra - 3 produced and signed albums) for rythym guitars and Antoine Bouchet for lead guitars.

(From Facebook, 27/06/2012)