Elfonía - Biography




Elfonía is an experimental rock band from Monterrey, México. Its sound is a combination of a wide variety of influences, such as doom, gothic, atmospheric and progressive. Considered to be one of the most innovate bands on its genre, Elfonía seeks to reflect elegance and delicacy thru its performances and compositions. Beautiful vocal melodies always play a fundamental roll.

The band's beginnings go back to 2001, when Alejandro Millán (keyboards) and Marcela Bovio (vocals, violin), after leaving their previous band Hydra, started working together in a new musical project. With time, this new project took a more defined and specific form; by distributing some demo tracks on the Internet, Elfonía started to gain attention.

In November 2002, the band had the opportunity to perform as a supporting act for Haggard and Ataraxia, in a concert promoted by a major cultural festival in Monterrey. Alejandro and Marcela contacted Roberto Quintanilla (guitar), Pablo González (bass) and Javier Garagarza (drums) to complete the band's lineup.

By the end of the year, the band recorded their first full-length album (a completely independent production). Released in late February 2003, the album has received excellent reviews and comments from music connoisseurs and fans all over the world. Currently the album can be found in stores in Latin America, Europe and Japan.

Throughout 2003, the band performed in various stages in their home country, one of those presentations being the debut of their first music video, "Aura". In November, Dutch musician Arjen Lucassen invited Marcela Bovio to perform as a guest singer in Ayreon's album "The Human Equation.

In November 2005, Elfonía released their second album, "This Sonic Landscape", and ambitious combination of progressive rock, post-rock, atmospheric, gothic, jazz and fusion influences. The album has received excellent reviews from rock, metal and progressive critics all over the world. Shortly afterwards, the band performed a successful tour in Mexico to promote this new effort.