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The metal band MORTON originates as the heavy/power-metal studio project of the respected Ukrainian sound-producer Max "Morton" Pasechnik (worked with Grimfaith, Infinite Tales, Marvel, Morphine Suffering, Sad Alice Said, Delia, Synopsis, Wasted Heroes, Sunrise, Efir, Joncofy and others). The primary style that was chosen for the project was a blend of classic heavy-metal and modern power-metal. Later, with the band's growth, the style was majorly transformed and gained individuality, but even now the heavy-metal vibe still remains.
The debut MORTON release was called "Grimoire". It included five tracks and was composed, performed, recorded and produced by Max himself. The material was spread freely in the internet and received lots of positive feedback from both listeners and musicians all over the world.

While recording the songs, Max gathered the live line-up and MORTON project began it's transformation into the MORTON band. Playing live, rehearsing intensively and working on the new material, MORTON gained respect as one of the hardest-working and fast-growing Ukrainian metal bands.

In November, 2010 the band presented their debut music video "Sleeping King". This work can be definitely called self-produced, since all the financial, organizational, technical and most of the creative tasks were undertaken by Max personally.

The same as most of the bands at the beginning of their musical life, MORTON went through line-up changes, seeking the perfect team to stay together for years. The current line-up was formed by means of extensive auditioning - more then twenty bass players and forty guitar players were listened.

There is so much to be done in 2011 - the debut album to be released in Summer, the second music video to be filmed, the second album to be developed and worked out in details.