Lost In Thought - Biography




A new generation of progressive metal has been born in Wales by the up and coming Lost In Thought. Lost In Thought formed in late 2007 when David Grey and Simon Pike embarked on a quest to find other musicians to compose and perform progressive tinged music with. Linking with Greg Baker and Chris Billingham, they soon became a force to be reckoned with in their home of UK.

After completing their line-up with vocalist Nate Loosemore, the band recorded a demo EP early 2010, immediately grabbing the attention of well-renowned booking and management company Intromental Worldwide.

Setting out to write and record their debut album in the fall of 2010, the band realized that they had been composing 8 songs that weren't just of "newcomer status", but really were of as high quality as any contemporary progressive metal album out there. Sweden's Inner Wound Recordings label recognised the talent and potential, and signed the band for a spring 2011 release.

The debut album, Opus Arise, was recorded at home in Wales, and sent off to Denmark to be mastered by Jacob Hansen (known for Volbeat, Mercenary, Destruction, Pretty Maids, Rob Rock, etc.).

The band has a wide variety of musical influences, which is incorporated in their music. Combining the elements of progressive rock/metal, melodic metal-core and symphonic metal to create their unique and epic sound. From all these musical elements, Lost In Thought's music consists of both heavy and distinct riffs, large orchestrations, melodic guitar and keyboard unisons, epic vocal melodies, variable time signatures and dynamic ballad sections.

At the same day the debut album Opus Arise is released, the band will embark on a one month long tour supporting Delain and Serenity at venues across Europe.