Cruadalach - Biography




Cruadalach is the fulfilled dream of its drummer Michal "Datel" Rak who always wanted to play drums in a medieval metal band with bagpipes. This dream had starting to get its shape in 2008 when Datel get several musicians to make this idea to come true. In summer 2009, the band's line-up had been finally established and Cruadalach's members prepared themselves for their first gig crusade within last two months before the first battle.

At the beginning, Cruadalach's creation was mainly influenced by medieval and Celtic themes. However, as time is running, band gets more and more its own identity and style. In new form of Cruadalach metal genres blend with punk/HC and also with many folklore influences. Despite that, the echoes of former creation are still hearable in band's style. Lyrics in both Czech and English language reflect inner struggles, values of humankind and spirituality of being in general.

Cruadalach is considered to be the folk metal band mainly thanks to the instrumental line-up. Violoncello, violin, bagpipe, shawms and recorder are played without any samples all live during band shows. The energic shows lead by the excentric frontman are also Cruadalach's brand.

Cruadalach is active since September 2009 when the band took place in its first tour through Czech Republic and Slovakia side by side with well-known Czech doom metal band Dissolving Of Prodigy. During these first gigs band rapidly gained attention of heavy metal fans in both visited lands. At the beginning of 2010 Cruadalach digitally released their demo V Rytmu Staré Krve containing three songs. During 2010 band passed very successfull shows at underground festivals and also as support of touring Russian pagan metal star Arkona during its Czech stops. The band begun to attract attention of promoters and labels and focused itself to recording its first regular CD. For this purpose Cruadalach negotiated with Czech label and magazine publisher Pařát. In Autumn of 2010 Cruadalach passed the self-initiated mini-festival tour together with two associated bands, Brezno (Slo) and Nothgard (Ger). The band had the first opportunity to perform on stages abroad, concretely in Slovenia and in Germany. The dialogue and signing to German label and agency Black Bards Entertainment followed this tour.

In February 2011 Pařát Magazine released Cruadalach's EP Agni - Unveil What's Burning Inside containing seven songs which was distributed in Czech Republic and Slovakia. In April 2010 Pařát released a vinyl version of Agni - Unveil What's Burning Inside with one bonustrack. Then the band focused on recording of their debut album named Lead - Not Follow which was released by Black Bards Entertainment for Europe and US in November 2011, with licenced release for Czech Republic by Czech label Metalgate. The release was supported by the first Cruadalach's European tour, called Black Trolls Over Europe III, which was organized by Black Bards and took place in Autumn 2011. There Cruadalach used to play mainly in Germany, side by side with e.g. German band Suidakra or Irish wariors Waylander.