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Whitehorse - Biography




For the past nine plus years, Whitehorse has gathered together members of Melbourne's underground music community to create crushingly heavy, sludge-metal layered with electronics. Drafting members from the punk, grindcore, experimental, rock, and noise scenes Whitehorse often garner comparisons to the likes of Corrupted and Khanate. Having toured Japan, the USA and Australia, plus having released 7+ audio documents on Australian, Belgian, German and US labels (Sweatlung/Sabbatical/Conspiracy/Blind Date/20 Buck Spin).

Whitehorse hit their most productive point so far in 2010-2011, performing in support of several international visitors to Australia including Birushanah, Zeni Geva, Om, Lichens, Wolves In The Throne Room, Monarch and Coffins as well as completing a 31 date US tour around half the likes of Nasum, Dragged Into Sunlight, Batillus, Laudanum, Vastum, The Body, Unearthly Trance, No Statik, Innumerable Forms, Needles, Godstomper, Lesbian, Reivers, Drought Hatred Surge, Brainoil, Appalachian Terror Unit, Saviours, Hot Graves, Slices, Northless, Cough, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Phobia, Tombs, Wormrot and Cross.

2012 saw the release of 4 new recordings, a split 12" with Cross (Seattle), a split 12" with Batillus (NYC), a split 7" with Hot Graves (Florida) and the Live Ritual CD recorded live at the Northcote Social Club in Melbourne.

Most recently Whitehorse played both Brisbane punk festival Total Attack III and Sydney metal festival Evil Invaders VI. They will be recording in June for a split with Oakland's Negative Standards and have big plans for 2014.

Whitehorse members and ex-members have performed acts including: Ignivomus, Grey Daturas, Occult Blood, Collapsed Toilet Vietnam, Nation Blue, Ivens, 731, Black Jesus, Breathing Shrine, Fallout, Pisschrist, and Encirlcing Sea, Hans Harms, Evil Ways, Infinite Void, amongst many more.