Seax - Biography

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Seax was founded in August, 2009 by guitarist Hel, as well as Martin Roche from doom metal band Dead Languages on bass. The intent was to bring old school speed metal into the New England area, and hopefully the rest of the world. Early in 2011, former Raging Fire vocalist Carmine Blades entered the fold and Divaldo "Dee" Gustavo followed soon after, replacing original drummer Rich.

Soon after, Martin left the band due to an arm injury and was replaced by Matt C. Axe, who worked previously with Ace of Skull Hammer in The Worst and also currently plays with him in Skull Hammer.

Later in 2011, Seax began rampaging their brand of speed metal at venues in New England and plans are currently in place to spread to other places. The debut album "High on Metal" has also been recorded and Seax is currently shooting for an April 2012 release.