Valknacht - Biography

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Inspired by nature and Germanic Scandinavian mythology, master mind composer writer Thorleïf, decided to express his passion of history through music. He had this constant vision of a vast land of warriors who fell to combat on a pale moon rising... With this imagery that kept haunting his mind, he went along reading many books and found the ultimate word that would reflect his idea for the band's name: VALKNACHT!

During the year 2005, Thorleïf what at his early stage of composition and wrote his two first song; "Will of the Aesir Chosen" and the cold opus; "Majesté de l'Hiver". Assembling permanent members was not an easy task, but everything finally came all together during the summer of 2008. Thorleïf's dream was taking shape and produced their first demo; "When the Might of the Storm Becomes Mine". Released from a local label in Quebec City; Les Productions Hérétiques. They soon began doing shows and open for well established names such as Moonsorrow, Swallow The Sun, and Finntroll!

Gaining experience and maturity, the band entered the studio during the autumn of 2009 to record their first album; "Chants de Guerre". Things were not to be done lightly. Thorleïf was not going to deceive his well established growing fans. He summoned none other than Jean Pascal Fournier to do their album cover (Immortal-Edguy-Dragonforce). The amazing sound engineer recording/mixing of the album, was done by Frank "Blastbeat" Fortin (Superior Enlightemment) and the mastering was performed by mighty Jean-Francois Dagenais from Kataklysm.