Unipolar Manic-Depressive Psychosis - Biography

This band's profile is 'invisible', meaning that it's much less prominent on the site - either because it's incomplete, or maybe doesn't entirely fit MS format.


UMDP started as sideproject by local metal community from Bielsko-Biała, 200k city in south part of Poland. Mebers from bands as Blind Slime, Diachronia, HUGEccm, Psychotropic Transcendental and Under Forge joined to go off limits with music as well as theatrical, mad shows which included bands friends as maggots and props.
Being a playground for musical ideas over the years, UMDP came through many lineup changes having up to nine persons on stage. It solidified around 2009 as a five piece with two bass plyers.
2012 saw first full length recording, 'Psychodelicus Decibeli'.
New release is in final stages of production, scheduled for fall 2014.