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Before the Dimming Light is Advent Sorrow's long awaited début release. RELEASED 06.07.2012

Before the Dimming Light is a nightmarish insight into the tortured mind of a murderous lunatic; each song describing but a particular chapter and stage of his descent into madness.

The saga begins with Before The Dimming Light. Featuring nightmarish orchestras and frantic vocals, Before the Dimming Light describes a murderer's last moments, waiting for his execution.

The Wraith in Silence details the murderer's source of paranoia and lunacy.

A Porcelain Mistress describes the Murderer's first victim and his torturous atrocities.

Insidious Memories is the fourth chapter, describing his serial killings and the pure violence of our Murderer.

Withered By Her Curse ends with our Murderer's acceptance of death and subsequent cursing of all those whom he has so dearly taken from. Featuring apocalyptic orchestras and doom-laden guitar work, Withered By Her Curse is a fitting end to a saga built of horror and grief.

By death be born. Before my country, I am to hang.

I am the scourge unto the Earth.

Forever terror will circle my grave.