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Narrow House - Biography





The first name of the band was Funestum[b], and it was started in Kiev in 2008, being the first band to introduce atmospheric funeral doom in Ukraine. Under this name the band took part in a number of shows sharing stage with Cemetery Of Scream, Inferno, and Apostate, and releasing an EP called The Gates Of Eon, which is available online.

In 2009 the band changed its name to [b]Narrow House
, continuing its funeral doom legacy and taking part in multiple Ukrainian doom fests, playing with Skepticism, Mournful Gust, Stoned Jesus, and Mozergush. All live performances by Narrow House were supported with psychological visuals and ambient music, which merges all songs into one solid and depressive structure. The original lineup of Narrow House was:

In this composition, for 2009-2010, the group played 4 concerts in different cities of Ukraine (the most important festival can be considered Doom Over Kiev 3, in which the staff shared the stage with Skepticism).

The group has a unique performance based on visual and thematic visuals, all of which create a special atmosphere, which affects the psychological state of the listener.

In early 2010, the band recorded material for their debut album, A Key To Panngrieb, which was released by Russian doom label Solitude Productions on August 20, 2012. Some time later, Narrow House were forced to suspend operations due to the inability of key members of the group (Oleg Merethir, main songwriter, and Peter Arhe, drummer) to rehearse together.

Whatever it was, in 2011, Narrow House resumed rehearsals with the remaining group members. The basis of the new creation formed compositions written by vocalist Egor Bewitched. However, the group no longer performs ambient funeral doom, instead changing to their own style - apocalyptic doom metal.

In 2013 the band has entered the studio again, taking a new musical direction, combining various doom metal subgenres into a completely unpredictable mix called "apocalyptic doom metal". To record their new album, Thanathonaut, Narrow House collaborated with the famous Morton Studio, led by the respected Ukrainian sound producer Max Morton. The album was released on May 19, 2014.