Venien - Biography

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-1971: Jason "VENIEN!!!" Ventura was born
-1986: VENIEN!!! was created
-1987: VENIEN!!! formed VON w/bandmate Goat.
-1992: VON disbanded

* VENIEN!!!, Goat, & Lord Giblete recorded Satanic Blood (7" Vinyl EP)
* VON released Satanic Blood (7" Vinyl EP)
* VENIEN!!! released Tribal Blood (7" Vinyl EP)
* VENIEN!!!, Goat, & Lord Giblete performed in London at the Armageddon Festival as VON

-2011: VENIEN!!!, Lord Giblete & Charlie Fell recorded Satanic Blood (Demo) & Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves (Demo)

* VENIEN!!!, Lord Giblete & Dirty FvKn! Pistols recorded Dark Gods: Rise of The Ancients (Demo) & Tribal Blood (Demo)
* VON released Satanic Blood (Full Length Album)
* VON performed the Ritual of The Black Mass Exclusive shows in LA and NY

* VON released Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves (Full Length Album)
* VENIEN!!! released Tribal Blood: Ritual Manifestation (Advance Demo)
* VON performed the Ritual of The Black Mass European Tour