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Vindicator - Biography

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Cleveland, Ohio... A town where sports come to die and metal comes to live. A city that has seen it's share of metal titans by their own rights. Destructor, Nunslaughter, Purgatory, Midnight, Soulless, Black Death and many more. In two thousand five the city would give birth to another bastard of speed and aggression... Vindicator would tear down the walls and burn the scene to the ground. Quickly earning respect from the old guard and garnering new fans with every show, the band quickly propelled to the forefront of the thrash resurgence with acts like Warbringer, Merciless Death, and Bonded By Blood.

Vindicator continue to unleash their signature brand of thrash metal to die hard fans of the genre and the unsuspecting alike. Years of consistent touring has created a solid fan base amongst the truest of metal warriors. Following the release of 2008's There Will Be Blood, 2009's split Outbreak Of Metal (with tuetonic terrors, Metal Witch), and 2010's The Antique Witcheries, Vindicator cemented their place in the U.S. thrash scene.

Some retooling of the band's lineup has them poised to launch their next assault on the metal masses in the form of Vindicator's upcoming third full-length release. Fans can expect a sound that is true to the roots of Thrash, yet fresh and exciting with a new level of energy and musicianship.