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Moonloop was born in Barcelona in 2001 and practices a Progressive Death Metal with changing structures, characterized by powerful guitar riffs and atmospheric passages. Band members are Eric Baule (lead vocals, guitars), Juanjo Martin (guitar, backing vocals), Raul Payán (drums) and Vic Granell (bass).

After recording the first demo, entitled "Things Can Change", they opened for Anathema at Razzmatazz 2 in June 2004. This concert was a great opportunity to spread Moonloop's music. In late 2005, they record their second demo, entitled "Release from Duality", which received good reviews in the specialised media. Mondo Sonoro magazine reviews it as one of the best demos of 2005. In 2006, Moonloop played at Kanya a Sant Climent festival, opened for Leaves'Eyes, among other concerts in the Barcelona area. Moonloop name started to emerge as one of the most reputed bands in the underground metal scene. The process of recording a third demo began in January 2007; its songs were based on Mother Earth and the respect for nature. That year the band participated in three festivals: Riells Death Metal Fest, Burning Hell Fest and Move Your Fucking Brain. "True Nature Revealed" was the title of the third Moonloop's work, which was released at the end of 2007. The CD received critical acclaim in both local radio, press and webzines (Rock Hard Magazine, Mondo Sonoro, Tartarean Desire, Friedhof, El Octavo Día, Paranoia Metal Show, The Metal Circus, etc...). In 2008, Moonloop performed with Vidres a la Sang and Draconian, to name a few bands. During 2009, they gave concerts with bands like Kathaarsys, Finntroll, Saturnus and Isole. The band then entered the studio to record what will be its first full-length CD, including new songs and re-recorded tracks from the demos. Throughout 2010, Moonloop offered many concerts, highlighting their live show with Process of Guilt and Ataraxie in Madrid. In Catalonia, they shared stage with Cynic and Vórtice, and performed at the seventh edition of Kanya a Sant Climent festival with Foscor and Ktulu, among many others. In Andorra, they played with Persephone and Nami by the end of that year.

In 2011 Moonloop shared stage with Nami and Face the Maybe in Barcelona, offering their last show before finishing the new album. After a long process, the record was mixed at The Room studios by Gorka Dresbaj and mastered at Mastering Room AB (Sweden) by Goran Finnberg. "Deeply from the Earth" is the title of the new album, which is based again on Mother Earth, as well as on life experiences. The band signs with Listenable Records (France) in 2012, shortly before the CD hits the streets.

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