Falling Leaves - Biography


Initially formed in 2009 by guitarist Ala'a Swalha and vocalist Abdul-aziz Assaf, FALLING LEAVES is a Jordanian Melodic Doom/Death metal band.

After years of fighting a dream and gathering talented musicians, the band takes their first breath in May of 2010 when they released the demo album with title Falling Leaves which contains three songs with the lyrical theme of pain, sorrow, loss & death.

In 2011, FALLING LEAVES once again entered the studio to record their first full-length album, Mournful Cry Of A Dying Sun which was released via Endless Winter label. The album was mixed and mastered at CLINTworks Studio In Hamburg, Germany by the audio engineering Dennis Israel (Amon Amarth, Void Of Silence, 3 Inches Of Blood).

It includes art work and design by Heba Khaled, the album expresses a mix of feelings between sorrow, loss, death, and inner struggles, it contains harsh vocals and clean vocals which give a conflict of mixed up feelings between calmness and anger while being veiled with atmosphere and at the same time doom/death moods.

Transcribed from Facebook