Inanimate Existence - Biography




INANIMATE EXISTENCE is a progressive death metal band from Santa Cruz, CA that started in the fall of 2010. Originally the band would consist of Cameron Porras (former guitarist of Flesh Consumed), Ron casey (current drummer of Brain Drill former Flesh Consumed and Rings Of Saturn), Nick Willbrand (current bassist of Continuum, former Flesh Consumed),Taylor Holt (former guitarist of Flesh Consumed) and Joel Guernsey. Soon after the formation of the band Nick and Taylor left and were replaced by Ivan Munguia (Arkaik, Brain Drill, Deeds Of Flesh) and Ian Rittmaster. After a few months of jam sessions the band went in to the studio to record a 2 song demo that would consist of the first recordings of , "The Discarnate Self Paradox" and "Iguanid Labyrinth", during August 2011. These tracks were never released as a demo due to recording complications. Soon after the recording, Ivan was replaced with the new and permanent bassist Mitch Yoesle. Once the demo was complete, Unique Leader Records signed the band to release their first full length album entitled Liberation Through Hearing. The group entered Castle Ultimate Studios with producer Zack Ohren (Decrepit Birth, Suffocation, All Shall Perish) during March 2012. The album was released worldwide July 17th 2012 and also featured a guest solo by Matt Sotello of Decrepit Birth. As of now INANIMATE EXISTENCE has shared the stage with bands such as Disgorge, Severed Savior, Arkaik, Fallujah, Son Of Aurelius, Putrid Pile,Vehemence and many other extreme bands. Currently INANIMATE EXISTENCE is touring to support their debut album and is writing for their 2nd album which is to be released on Unique Leader Records.

Source: ReverbNation