Nuclear Death - Biography

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Demo days
Nuclear Death was formed in Phoenix, Arizona, in December 1985, although the offical date is March 23, 1986, by the founder and bass player/vocalist Laura "Lori" Bravo (later known as Vo or Zyrelyia). The underground scene in Glendale, Arizona, was too full of power/thrash metal band, and she and Phil Hampson (guitarist) simply wanted to play something sicker and faster than anything else, pure horror music! In the same year, the two recorded a demo tape "Wake Me When I'm Dead" (1986), with the help of Joel Whitfield. All lyrics on this demo were written by Laura, except for the song "The 7th Nun", by Phil. Phil, an avid horror book maniac (at the time counted over 5000 books in his library) was a terrific writer for lyrics, though, and Laura soon decided that he will be responsible for all the lyrics and artwork for Nuclear Death from then on. Supposedly, it was a collaborative effort anyway. Hampson was against simply recycling movie ideas for his lyrics, his dark mind was all he needed to create obsessive and hallucinating stories full off dead dogs, grime and deformities. Of all the lyrics he wrote, just one had a close tie to reality, describing the rapture or heroine addiction.

Two more demos followed, "Welcome to the Minds of the Morbid (1987) and "Vultures Feeding" (1988) (N: I have NO clue if this demo was ever released with a cover of his own, please e-mail me if you have seen it!), later put together by the band under the name of "Caveat" (1989) (quite curiously, this "combo demo" has a vulture depicted on the cover). On the back of their second demo Nuclear Death signed a contract with Richard Campos from Wild Rags, a record label, fanzine and record dealer in California. Another rehearsal tape with the name of "A Symphony of Agony" (1989) was released by the band, before they were contacted by Richard C.

First Age: The First 2 Album
In 1990 and 1991 the first two albums were regurgitated, absolute masterpieces of horror: "Bride of Insects" (1990) and "Carrion for Worm" (1991). The first album was never released on Cd by Wild Rags, only "Carrion for Worm" was, and it also had Chris Reifert of Autopsy as guest vocalist on two songs). Contrarily to what i read on flyers, I never had proofs that the limited glow-in-the-dark version of "Carrion for Worm" was ever released. You have to wait 10 years before Extremist records (ran by Drogheda members) releases a very dubious "double disc" (actually both albums were pressed in a single Cd, and to make them fit, some time tracks were wiped out!!). "Carrion for Worm", contains many songs considered to be in bad taste, such as "The Human Seed", "Lurker in the Closet: A 'Fairy' Tale", and "Greenflies". Carrion for Worm featured vocals by Chris Reifert, singer from popular death metal band Autopsy, on two songs, "Cathedral of Sleep" and "Vampirism".

The third Nuclear Death release was the single "For Our Dead" (1992), a 7″ that contains the classic track "The Corpse Tree", and it was the last work they made with Wild Rags.

Second Age: Duo
Phil Hampson left the band shortly after Whitfield, which was replaced by ex-Demon Cubes player Steve Cowan. "All Creatures Great and Eaten" (1992) is Nuclear Death's third full length album, and was actually self produced. The band was almost forgotten, until 7 years later when it released the weird musical soudndscapes of "The Planet Cachexial" (1999), a soundtrack for a sci-fi horror opera written by laura Bravo, which came along a illustrated letter-sized portfolio/booklet. The music was some mix of ambient, noise and experimental sounds. Another violent twist in Nuclear Death's music came immediatly thereafter with "Harmony Drinks of Me" (2000), fifth and last Nuclear Death full-length album recorded this time without Steve Cowan, which played keyboards on the previous album. This last record is a weird collage of styles, ranging from space-rock to riot-punk. After this last album, Lori folded the band and went on to form Raped.

Nuclear Death Today
n 2002 Laura Bravo has assembled a new band called Raped. She also practiced some body building and creates art with his Mac computer that can be found on Deviantart. The band has released a promo MCd and is going to release a full-length record "Dirty Pretty" (first single will be titled "Sexless") soon (is in post-productiion as I write this). Laura has two accounts on Myspace and runs the Facebook page as well.

Steve Cowan seems to be out of business ever since the release of "Harmony Drinks of Me".

Phil Hampson moved on to the band Eroticide for a little while, recording with them a real jewel of a demo. Later on he formed a sick, fantastic band called Whorror of which I only had a few tracks and then I lost my dub… among the tracks was also "Ginger Vitus", a song he wriote for Eroticide. if you have any more infos on this band please contact me.

Joel Whifield has jammed a bit with Psychic Pawn and later with Imperiled Earth. He also joined Eroticide in 1991.