Karcius - Biography

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Karcius is a band from Montreal, Canada with a twist. Their adventurous musical vision sets them apart from the rest. Together they create a unique blend of Rock, Pop, African, Classical, Jazz, and ambient music. The group came to life in spring 2001 when Simon L'Espérance on guitars, Thomas Brodeur on drums and Mingan Sauriol on Keyboard shared a common interest in writing adventurous music together. Sylvain Auclair on bass and vocals joined the group in 2009.

Each of these solid musicians are constantly active in the local and international music scene, especially in Europe. Their experience and maturity has enabled them to diversify their sound and explore boundless opportunities within this vehicle that is Karcius.

With all of their album distributed internationally, the band broke into new markets and gained global recognition in the art-rock music scene. They performed in some of the most important progressive music festivals in North America, South America and Europe and left quite an impact, creating a growing interest and fan base. Their dynamic personality, the energy they have on stage and their driving force leaves no one indifferent. Karcius's sense of unity and cohesion makes them hard- hitting and determined.