Blood Of Kingu - Biography




Blood Of Kingu was forged in 2005 by Ukrainian black metal legend Roman Sayenko (Hate Forest, Drudkh, Dark Ages), Thurios (Astrofaes, Drudkh, Hate Forest), Krechet (Drudkh, Astrofaes) and Yuri (Drudkh, Lutomysli). The debut album - entitled De Occulta Philosophia - was recorded in the summer of 2007. It represents intensive, fast, and grim black metal with ritualistic melodies and real shamanistic, freezing voices. The main idea behind Blood Of Kingu is black metal inspired by and paying homage to Sumerian, ancient Egyptian, ancient Tibetan and Indo-Aryan mythology, demonology and astronomy.

Sun In The House Of The Scorpion was recorded in the autumn of 2009 and released in May, 2010 by Candlelight Records.

More recently, the band released Dark Star On The Right Horn Of The Crescent Moon on August 29th, 2014 via Season of Mist.