Chaos Echús - Biography




2011 / On the ashes of Bloody Sign (1995-2010), guitar player Kalevi Uibo & drummer Ilmar Uibo - later joined by guitar player Etienne Testart (Children Of Doom, Evisceration) and bass player/visual artist Stefan Thanneur - found Chaos Echús with the intent to transport their dark death metal to a black hole of improvisations, psychedelia and trance. Another distinctive feature is their will to extract the material out of its formal and acoustic envelope to generate a hybrid vitality. Thus, from the Chaos Echús entity, various shapes can emanate: solo, duo, art installationÖ

April 2012 / Recording of the first manifestation, Tone Of Things To Come, during three days at Le Grillen, Colmar (France) with Guillaume Schleret. Vocals recording, editing by Sébastien Eidenschenck at Le Bon Home Studio, Le Bonhomme (France).

May 2012 / Mix and mastering by Patrick Engel at Temple Of Disharmony (Germany).

August 2012 / First ever live appearance as Chaos Echús Duo Experience at Kill-Town Death Fest 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark. During three days, Kalevi and Ilmar play five sets of dark, death driven improvisations, obscure and creepy soundscapes - including guitars, drums, percussions, horns, vocals, effects and more -, with special guest Marcelo Aguirre on vocals... sharing the bill with bands like Sadistic Intent, Necros Christos, Master, etc.

September 2012 / Release of Tone Of Things To Come as a 6-track gatefold digisleeve CD.