Kontinuum - Biography




Kontinuum started as the brainchild of Birgir Thorgeirsson, a founding and current member of dark metal act Potentiam. The seed of Kontinuum started way back in 2001 when Birgir teamed up with former Potentiam drummer Kristjan Heidarsson to record an EP called Burned and Battered under the band name Pornea. This was an experimental metal project mixing doom with punk and dark atmospheric metal. Nothing happened for many years while Birgir continued working in Potentiam and Kristjan in Changer and Dark Harvest.

After the standard musical frustration, self doubt, and in absence of his main band Birgir began working on Kontinuum with more focus. It was 2010 when Kontinuum was born with the aim to make hypnotic and spiritual musical noise. "I wanted to make music I liked, honest music with less constraints and room for various genre influences but without leaving my musical roots, one that could surprise, tell me something and take me somewhere. It was and is a spiritual process." Pre-productions of the first album Earth Blood Magic was sent to a few labels and got an immediate positive feedback. In 2011 Kontinuum entered the Sundlaugin studio in Iceland to begin recording of the first full length album. The band now has a full lineup with Ingi Thor Palsson on guitar formerly of icelandic hardcore legends I Adapt, Engilbert Hauksson also of Potentiam on bass and Thorlakur Thor Gudmundsson also on guitar.

Kontinuum inked a deal with Candlelight Records in 2012 who released their debut full length album on August 13, 2012.