Eros Necropsique - Biography

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Necropsique Eros was born of the tortured souls of Olivier and Gilles in late 1993 in Reims, gathered to express through music room very minimalist and stripped, all the bitterness of life, with very introspective and recurring themes, such as Child, abortion, imprisonment, suicide and religion, declaimed by a narrative song, sounding serious and solemn. The duo first refuses the proposals of concerts, whereas its expression as truly intimate and confidential, just shared from time to time with some friends in a very closed circle.

The group agreed nevertheless to occur for the first time in the first part of Elend , at a festival in Reims in 1995.

After recording the first demo the same name, was succeeded by Gilles Cof on bass.
Subsequently, a second demo was born, and a few live performances were given.

Eros Necropsique will possess Jeanne services for female voices, and recorded three albums that come out in Adipocere Records.
Cof left training in 2004 after the crisis of lucidity, which gave a final concert with the group. Filmed this concert meant to serve for a DVD, has not yet emerged, apparently for financial reasons.
A fourth album is under preparation since 2006, but the band is still unsigned.

Meanwhile, Oliver has released two new "key" in the collection L'Enfer Me Lies in backdated, and "Body Art" in the magazine Elegy No. 33.
He also published his first novel "The Miasma of confinement" released in 2004 published by K-init, which depicts the glauquissime existence of an alcoholic depression, plagued by his obsession for a love of fusion and idealized woman, Through his diary found after his suicide.