Amiensus - Biography




In 2010, members from buried project The Last, the almighty Minos and Dread Veil came together with a simple goal: to create the music they wanted with no genre restrictions whatsoever. The result was something that had some rhythmical qualities and aesthetics coming from the black metal genre, but paired up with some contrasting melodic influences from genres such as progressive metal, post-rock, doom metal and even a bit of folk. We don't really know what to call it, we just try to call it metal.

The name "Amiensus" is derived from the famous Amiens Cathedral located in Amiens, France. We liked the imagery of the church and the aesthetic qualities the name had when the "-sus" prefix was added.

The first incarnation of the group consisted of James Benson (guitars, lead vocals), Aaron Mckinney (guitars, keyboards, vocals), Alec Rozsa (drums, bass, keyboards, backing vocals) and recorded an EP entitled The Last which was self-released in August 2010. The band's current line-up now features James Benson (rhythm guitar, vocals), Joe Waller (lead/rhythm guitar, drums, vocals), Zack Morgenthaler (rhythm/lead guitar, keyboard), Aaron McKinney (vocals, rhythm guitar), Chela Rhea Harper (Vocals), D. Todd Farnham (Bass) and Alec Rozsa (Keys, Drums, Vocals).

Their second full length album is being recorded as of April 2014.