Moth - Biography


Moth is a fairly new idea and identity in the metal world.That idea is in it's beginning stages of creation and the direction is open to many different paths. After establishing a base idea with demo tracks released back in 2011, the first main path Moth will step down is their full length release Endlessly In Motion. The band's 8 song debut album is a large step beyond any production the group previously taken. Aggressive vocal attacks meet with the brutal yet melodic guitar rhythms and driving percussive base provided in the drum section with an added atmosphere heard in the synthesizer.

Together all these create a unity in passion between melody, percussion, life, experiences, influential ideas, joys, frustrations, aggression, artwork and an attempt to look deeply inside these things. One of the main ideas behind Moth is to create a space, community, a field of existence that many can share as one. More than just a group that several people listen to. A living breathing connected consciousness.How this will be attempted has not been fully realized yet as it has only begun.

Beyond the influences and different inputs involved there is a concentrated effort to try things outside the members own space and step into other areas of creativity. Refined ideas are processed and filtered through a collective space and energy to create something they can exist within and attempt to create a space in which others can find the same feeling created by the music.

Moth began as a two man experiment in early 2011. Benton McKibben (vocals) had been working on materials planned as a solo project. The production and recording was planned to be done with Zager Audio owned by Dave O'Berry (guitars). After a few sessions of reviewing materials Dave was interested to add a heavier element to the music while maintaining the original base ideas, structures and melodies. It was at that point that Dave and Benton started refining concepts together to achieve a much heavier and intense version of what was started with.

With this being the first time the two collaborated on production the process was somewhat slower and less organized than what has unfolded in recent production. The band acknowledges the lack of resources, time and direction with the first 3 tracks released yet feel it was a very beneficial process in the sense of forming the idea as it came alive. "We had no idea how our ideas would work together or if they would work at all.But in the end of it things came out very strong and we've had some really positive responses from people."

It has been difficult to permanently attach a certain genre or sub-genre simply because the creators and writers involved are of such vast listening and influential expanse, the sound created is interpreted differently by different listeners. Influences range anywhere from classical composers to technical death metal. Electronic ambient to progressive rock. With the new addition of members of Stephen Handler (drums), and Rhiannon Wisniewski (keys, synths) Moth is now a living breathing entity, forming a face, creating a vision, a sound, and is setting pace for a strong place in the metal world.

The response from from the metal community and beyond has been a constant steady climb. The word of Moth is starting to circulate around the metal community and the band is building a base to stand on to continue their advance towards the exploration of different sounds, art, feelings, ideas and areas of life.