Reino Ermitaño - Biography

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Reino Ermitaño was formed in Lima, Peru, in late 2001, by ex-members of Melquiades and Darken, looking for a thick and heavy sound, mainly influenced by '70 rock bands and metal, and incorporating doomy elements of their own leading to find a convincing melee of darkness, melody, rock n' roll and epic sounds.

The band's lyrical approach is mainly poetic, with lyrics dealing with introspection, the search for knowledge and emotional release as well as the person's primitive need for magic, ascension and ritual. In late 2003, Reino Ermitaño self-released their first full-length, recorded at Vituchi's Studio by Tavo Castillo, and co-produced, mixed and mastered by Lalo Williams.

The band name translates to Hermit Kingdom (approximately anyway).