Derkéta - Biography




Derkéta is a doom influenced death metal band from Pittsburgh, PA; known to be the first all female death metal band. The name Derkéta was taken from Stygian Mythology; she was the goddess of death of a blood drinking cult. The band was formed by Sharon Bascovsky (vocals & guitars) and Terri Heggen (drums) in late 1988. Mary Bielich assisted on bass in 1991 but nothing permanent to complete a full lineup. In 1991, Terri and Mary left to pursue other musical interests while Sharon continued Derkéta with the help of friends, mainly Jim Sadist from NunSlaughter.

In 2006 it was decided to reform Derkéta with the original lineup, this time with Robin Mazen on bass and Mary Bielich on second guitar. This takes Derkéta to the present, the first time having a full stable lineup. In May of 2012 Derkéta released their first full length album called In Death We Meet, which promises to satisfy long time fans who have waited many years for a Derkéta album. Rest assured there are no musical changes from the early days of Derkéta as we feel bound to stay true to ourselves and no others. Our musical beliefs are cemented in the early years of death metal and we will never be a slave to trends. After the recording Terri decided to leave Derkéta to persue other interests. Mike Laughlin who played in Creation Is Crucifixion and Cattle Decapitation has replaced Terri on drums.


In addition; Sharon: "Going back to 1991, Robin wanted to move to Pittsburgh to be the second guitarist and Mary had joined as the bassist. Of course the fight of Terri and mine had ended all of us working together. When Robin heard that Terri and I were going to do this recording, she immediately mentioned that we should do it right, play some shows with her and Mary, back to the original lineup from 1991 that never happened. Except with Robin on bass and Mary on guitar. And that leaves us to today, recording the "In Death We Meet" full length, which has been sitting for 10 years waiting to be recorded."

Notes from the old bio to clear things up:

  • Due to time restraints and distance, a last minute decision led Sharon to work with local drummer Jeff "The Troll" to record "Your Rotting Flesh" for the Mad Max Impaler of Trendies tribute, released December 2001 by Master of Bestial Mockery. (ed: due to very little info on this release he is not listed as a member)
  • Sharon was in the process of writing and rehearsing new material for Derkéta's first full length LP entitled "In Death We Meet", which was scheduled to be recorded spring of 2006 with Jared Altamare on drums. (ed: She made up with Terri who recorded the album and hence the reason Jared is also not listed as a member.)