Winterstorm - Biography




The first storm warnings were issued at the end of 2008 for Franconia. That was the time when the musicians Sebastian Albrecht (drums, vocals) and Peter Cerveny (bass) were both looking for new colleagues after their group "Circle of Grief" had gone to the happy hunting grounds after ten years.

The search was successful quickly and Armin Haas became their new guitarist. Now they found out that a new group could be formed, which would go beyond the scope of the old one. After continued search Michael Liewald (guitar) and Matthias Müller (keyboard) were recruited. The larger part of their songs were created with this formation. What was still missing, was the real voice to drive the hord. Front man Alexander Schirmer was discovered only in the summer of 2009. Since then the group has been complete. They soon found out that the right people had come together to make music for many years. They convened on the name of Winterstorm for the group. This name reflects on the one hand the influence of the cold North and on the other the influence of Power Metal, which can be noticed in the group's songs.

By the end of 2009 all the songs for their first album were completed. In February 2010 the recording was started. After three months of hard work, "A coming storm" could be released at a party in early May 2010.
That was the beginning of the storm, and in the first two years, Winterstorm played as support-act of the famous bands "Rage", "Dragonforce", "Crematory" and "Saltatio Mortis". Furthermore, the band played at many festivals, thus winning new fans. The debut album got over 40 CD reviews with an average of 7,29 out of 10 points (13 times rated between 8,0 and 9,5). Since April 2011 the album "A Coming Storm" has been available through Cargo Records in cooperation with "Edition Two Louder/BMG Rights Management" and the Label "FinestNoise Releases". Besides, Winterstorm had an interview and a sampler track in Legacy magazine (Nr.73) and more interviews on,, and interviews with popular radio stations.

The enthusiasm which Winterstorm arouse with the fans of various genres can also be seen in the fact that the band was clearly designed as winner of Medieval Rock Awards (Festival Mediaval) at Europe's biggest medieval festival in September 2011. In late September 2011 the recordings fort the second studio album were started in the band's own "Mind-EQ" studios in Bayreuth. Orden-Ogan singer "Seeb" was standing by for the mixing of the new disc giving the CD its final cut, so it was finished in February 2012.

Afer an intense, long-lasting search for a label, with several offers from renowned record firms, Winterstorm finally decided to release the album with their old proven partners. This world-wide, highly anticipated release of the second album "Kings will fall" will be on 31 August 2012, precisely the month of the band's greatest success so far - a gig at the legendary Wacken-Open-Air festival. The CD reviews to „Kings will Fall" could even surpass the debut. The highest rate was given several times and Winterstorm had many interviews again. Besides, Winterstorm could be found with interviews and CD-Tracks in the famous magazines Legacy and Metalhammer again.

The band's name started to grow higher and higher and finally the long expected great offer of an famous Label arrived. So, Winterstorm signed at the Austrian Company "NoiseArt Records" and the worldwide known booking agency „Rock the Nation" in March 2013.

The release for the third album is planned for early 2014.