Maudlin - Biography


Kris, Jasper and Davy played together in an old-school hardcore band. The drummer and a guitar player left, but they felt like continuing playing together, so they just grew out of the style of playing simple chords. Luckily, they were into bands like Isis, Cave In, Neurosis, etc., and so they had the idea of starting a band that was related with those bands. Jasper and Davy knew Thijs Goethals (bass) since they were 8 years old or so, and Kris knew Davy Vandenbroecke (drums) from another previous band he had. They asked them, they came jamming and there was chemistry. They played for 2 years in that line-up and while they started to write on Ionesco they added Tim Gyselbrecht to the line-up who did keyboards, samples and clean vocals. With those 6 members they wrote and recorded also A Sign of Time. Unfortunately Tim & Thijs couldn't combine new jobs, re-building houses, kids & family so they stepped out of the band without ever playing the new songs once after they got released. Luckily, they found Yannick Dumarey as their new bass player. He's amazingly good, and motivated, so the band can't wait to create some new stuff with this new Maudlin member.