Way To End - Biography


WAY TO END was formed in 2006 in Normandy by Hazard who made ​​all the music. The line up back then was composed of Hazard (guitars), Rust (guitars), Hzxllprkwx (bass), Decay (drums). All members performed vocals. Several demos were recorded but remain in the drawers because the band did not feel they were very interesting. In 2009 the first album, Desecrated Internal Journey was released via Debemur Morti Productions. In 2010 Hzxllprkwx left the band and was replaced by Vaerohn (Pensées Nocturnes) as the new bassist and the band immediately began working on their second album, Various Shades of Black, which was released through LADLO Productions in 2013. Numerous concerts and tour with Angmar enabled WAY TO END to assert themselves in a live setting.

The idea behind WAY TO END is to propose a music away from the beaten tracks of black metal, which reveals its rich potential a little more with each listen. The pieces may seem difficult to understand at first listen, which is why several listenings are required to take in the subtleties of each instrument. The influence of classical and contemporary music is predominant, and mixed with the Scandinavian black metal (Emperor, Dissection), leads to these pieces of tortuous music, containing a variety of environments. On Various Shades of Black, further work on the songs were produced to accentuate the atmosphere.

Source: LADLO Productions