Martiria - Biography

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Martiria was formed back in 1987 by Massimo Di Vincenzo (vocalist) and Andy "Menario" Menarini (a guitar player with an epic/power style inspired by bands like Warlord and Manowar).
At the beginning the band was pretty much oriented towards Doom Metal sonorities, such as the ones that can be found in the music of early Candlemass and Black Sabbath.

After a few years of intense experimentation, the members of the original band decided to take a break and each one of them followed personal projects.

Around 2002, Andy Menario after an intense live activity with cover bands and several recording studio sessions with Dunwich ("Sul monte è il tuono", Black Widow Records and "Il chiarore sorge due volte", Pick up Records) decides to get back to the Martiria project involving three musicians that were well known in the area of Rome: Dario Daneluz, a vocalist with musical influences ranging from soul-dance to rock nu-metal, but mostly a great front man with years of experience on stage, Maurizio Capitini, a genuine classic metal drummer previously member of Astaroth and Stiff and, also, a professional sound engineer and Derek Maniscalco, a bass player whose style has his roots in 70's progressive rock bands, such as Pink Floyd and Genesis.

Andy's goal was (and is) to start from a very classic epic metal sound to create a new style capable to get the listener deeply involved by the use of heavy riffs and grooves together with acoustical atmospheres generated by the use of ancient and classical instruments often leading to traditional Mediterranean melodies.

Then, in November 2003, Andy Menario contacts (with help of Bill Tsamis, Warlord guitarist and songwriter) Rick Anderson, ex Warlord's singer (also known as Damien King III), and the great melodic and powerful voice of Rick becomes the key of the characteristic and superlative sound of the band.

In the same year, Andy knows Marco R. Capelli*, an Italian writer and poet, who, since then, writes all the lyrics for the band.
This line up (Menario, Anderson, Capitini, Maniscalco, Capelli) will produce two albums: The Eternal Soul (2004) and The age of the Return (2005).

In 2007 Maurizio Capitini leaves the group in order to follow personal projects and is replaced by Fabrizio La Fauci, who takes part in the recording of the album Time of Truth (2008).

Again, in 2010, Fabrizio leaves and the band welcomes Umberto Spiniello, who renews Martiria's sound during the recording session of a great success album: On the way back (2011).

In January 2012, in order to move in the direction of a more intense LIVE activity (made difficult by the physical distance between the singer and the rest of the members), Rick Anderson and Andy take the very suffered decision to split their ways after ten long years together.

In late Spring 2012, the heavy heritage of Damien King III is temporarily taken by Freddy, who reveals from the very beginning to be a brilliant and experienced front man and partecipates to the recording of Roma S.P.Q.R. (2012) before leaving the band in December 2012.

In January 2013 a special member joins martiria: Vinny Appice, ex Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell, Dio and founder member of Kill Devil Hill decides to record all the drum traks of the NEW ALBUM together with Martiria!!

The band is in studio right now (January-February 2013)... and both the identity of the NEW SINGER and the title of the NEW ALBUM are a well kept .... secret!

The result is a mix of different styles, atmospheres and nuances that makes MARTIRIA an unique band.