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Lux Divina - Biography




1998 Lux Divina was created by Norax, Endymion (Lucifugum), Iván and Sergio, with the feeling to create a band of atmospheric Black Metal. Under the paganism, theme where Lux Divina centered his attention since the first moment, we find an attitude for life, attitude of respect and recovering of old forgotten values by the modern men, who are inside the ravenous mass homogeneity. Values based on the individuality, respect and proud towards the wild Mother Nature, before the throne of self freedom. So, a poetics based on our ancestors deeds, their old beliefs, traditions, cults and based on the Nature's throne and all the sensations she produce... Forest and mountains, rivers and seas, the mysticism of the elements from Beltaine to Samhain. Worship and sacrifice to Nature.

After the first year of work they recorded the first demo called Paganature and the band entered in the spanish Black Metal scene with a good introducing work. The band decided to improve and evolutionate the style with more dynamism and atmosphere.

1999 the band got in contact with Fiar (Foscor) and the line-up increased with one more member centered in the keyboards aspect. The band started to work hard in new songs, and the style got more character and strenght... the certain definition of this period is that all the members were fascinated with the kind of music they found, as a continue discovering of sensations and elements to work with.

2000 Lux Divina recorded and self released Ocasus Ceremonia, the first professional album. There were moved 500 original copies, and more than 1000 plus the promo ones.... a great spreading moment of the meaning and emotion the band looked for.

2002 After Endymion leaving the band included Daniel (Evilance), as new guitar... playing in a good concerts in Spain and spreading the name through fanzines, and compilations around the world.

2003 Lux Divina return, with Falke (Foscor, Fayrierie) as new guitarist, and Wilhkiem (Foscor, Shemhamphorash)as bassist. They were very well knowed Black Metal spirits, so there were no problems to follow with the band's ideas, style and feeling. With them, before the end of the year, is released the promo 2003 "Our Lost Harmony", with 3 songs wich represents another step in the style evolution. After many personal problems. By that time the band enters a hiatus.

2004 Bloody Productions offer a collaboration to release the last stuff composed, and as a compilation of all the discography before created, in one Cd under the name New Days For The Ancient Wisdom

2007 Lux Divina reborns from the grave with a new line-up:
Norax, Daniel, Sergio and the new souls in battle Grangreal (Argar, Spectre, Between the frost) and Iberian (Doomsday, 7th child, Däm)

2008 The band working on new material again and plays in liveshows with bands like Skyforger, Necronomicon, Avulsed, Ancient Foscor, Dantalion, Severe Torture, Ered, Spellcraft , Profundis tenebrarum and many others
2009 After a tough year of hard work, on February we're recording our 2nd album will be entitled From The Tomb Whit natural Blood. It has been recorded, mixed and mastered in The Room Studios (Barcelona) By Gorka Dresbaj and Jordi Navarro between february 14th and march 4th

2009 Daniel leaves and Javi (Graveyard, Dawn ov Hate) joins the band. Lux Divina will not be related with left and right winged political ideologies....