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Civil War - Biography




After leaving Sabaton, the ex-members spent some time off playing finding the glow from past years. Not long after the seed to what would become CIVIL WAR was born.

After getting back on track the search after the missing links that would complete the line-up started. But how to find a suitable singer and frontman? Mullback had a certain Nils Patrik Johansson in mind knowing from his band Astral Doors that he is one of the most acclaimed singers around, not knowing that Patrik had his eyes out for the ex-Sabaton guys...

Rickard met "Pizza", their old backline tech at the local food store finding about the split up. Pizza told them to give him a call if they would need a bass player, sometime later that call was made and things started to roll.

The news about the new band CIVIL WAR hit the world on May 25th 2012, ironically the same date as the release of the ex-Sabaton guys last performance in that band, Carolus Rex.

With all positions filled the work with getting songs together started in a unprecedented tempo. Before the summer ended the foundation for 4 tracks had been put down on tape.

Starting off in middle of October with releasing their first single "Rome Is Falling" got them a jump start and an overwhelming reception. The EP was released in the middle of November 2012 and it was nervous times for the old warriors from Sabaton how fans from the previous band as well as new fans would welcome the 5 track beast that was launched at them. Fortunately people around the world seemed to embrace it and with and the reception from fans and media was beyond anyone's expectations. With this the work with putting together a bunch of new songs for the upcoming full length album.

The first album borrowed the name from the novel by Michael Shaara about the battle of Gettysburg. The album will be released on May 23 and will hit the world with full force. Following the release the band will do a streak of festival shows in their native Sweden and later on a tour spanning from the autumn covering most of the Swedish winter months. What is beyond that is left for the future to tell.

Source: Official site