Wide Eyes - Biography


WIDE EYES is an instrumental progressive metal/djent trio from Akron, OH comprised of Chris Saniga (guitars, synths, programming), Chris Vogagis (drums, guitars, synths, drum rrogramming) and Danny Cullman (guitars, synths, keyboards, drum programming, production). The band released their debut album, titled Volume, via Bandcamp on August 21, 2012.

The band's second release, an EP titled The Unreleased EP, was released (also via Bandcamp) on March 1, 2013. These songs were scheduled to be released on an EP called Bioluminescence. It was going to be their first release to feature vocals, but after making the decision to stay instrumental they decided to just start focusing on Album 2. They didn't want these songs to go to waste so Danny used this opportunity to play around with new techniques that he had learned after it was too late to apply them to Volume. This is why each track will sound a bit different from a production standpoint since each mix on each song is different.