Omega Centauri - Biography


The band was formed in 2006 by drummer/guitarist T. Vallely from England. Later, R. Polon from Belgium joined as the band's vocalist.

Musically Omega Centauri's influences span across a broad range of genres with stylistic features often associated with black metal, ambient, doom, post-rock, classical, avant-garde and jazz rock fusion to be acknowledged; the result is an atmospheric sound. Ideologically the lyrical and musical themes are related to history, nature, philosophy, religious studies and the cosmos.

Their debut album Universum Infinitum was released by Duplicate Records (Norway) in January 2012. It was recorded over spontaneous periods of time between January 2006 and January 2011. The main focus of the music and lyrical content on this album is directed towards the study of the human condition; often encompassing ideas from the associated fields of philosophy, psychology and theology.

In April 2013 the Tellur / Epitome split with Smohalla (France) was released by Duplicate Records.